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    • Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

      489.00 incl. TAX

      Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

      Experience ultimate convenience and hygiene with this innovative self-cleaning litter box that cleans automatically after every cat’s need. This litter box has a generous 65-litre capacity and is designed with a low step-in for senior cats or cats with limited mobility.

      With Deo hydrogel capsule – 60 days of odour neutralisation
      Smart app that can track up to 8 cats’ health
      Suitable for all lumpy cat sand as well as tofu sand
      Packaging contents
      1 x litter box Scooper SE BayMax
      1 x English manual
      1 x Power adapter
      1 x roll of litter bags
      1 x Deodorization Hydrogel

    • Donut bed

      49.00 incl. TAX


      Fitting with velcro to your wooden pole.

      Donut for Baron, Babette and Katrien

      50 cm version for Jumbo


      *The donut bed frame is made of “Teddy for the white and Grey cube

      corduroy fabrics is with the corduroy wide

    • Drapaki Velcro pillow Baron-Babette & Katrien

      38.00 incl. TAX

      Drapaki pillows with Velcro available for the Baron

      We do not have all colors in stock, therefore on average delivery takes 4-5 weeks.

      Thanks for your understanding

    • Drapaki kussen

      Drapaki pillow

      27.00 incl. TAX

      Loose drapaki cushions approx. 40 cm diameter

      Delivery time from drapaki is +/- 5 w

    • Drapaki hammock

      38.00 incl. TAX

      This Hammock is most suitable for Hugo and Jumbo, due to the larger boards to attach it under

    • Teak bowl 50cm

      45.00 incl. TAX


      Diameter +/- 50 cm

      Can be mounted on all Catz ‘n Wood wooden climbing poles or used separately as cat basket

      Each bowl is unique, the one you receive is not the same as shown on the picture


    • HBE kit (Wood crack emergency kit)

      44.50 incl. TAX

      Discover our HBE Kit (Wood Crack Emergency Kit) – the solution for repairing cracks in wooden scratching posts. This compact kit contains everything you need: moldable wood, a spatula, sandpaper, conditioning oil and a microfiber cloth. Includes handy step-by-step instructions. Order now for a perfectly restored and radiant scratching post! 🐾

    • Digital Gift Box

      25.00100.00 incl. TAX

      The Digital Gift Box is the perfect solution for those seeking the ideal gift. With our digital gift vouchers, the recipient can choose which gifts they want to purchase on our website and enjoy great discounts.

      Our Digital Gift Box is available in various amounts, namely €25, €50, and €100. You can easily select the amount that suits you and then print the voucher or immediately send it digitally to that friend or family member for whom the gift is intended.

    • FAIRY Viltballetjes

      5.95 incl. TAX
      • Zachte kleurrijke vilt balletjes voor de kat
      • Ontworpen om te rennen, spelen en jagen
      • Gemaakt van 100% wol vilt
      • Geschikt voor zowel kittens als volwassen katten
      • Leuk cadeau om te geven of te krijgen

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