• Aqua

      79.00 incl. TAX

      The Agua water fountain automatically provides running water when your cat approaches, every 30 minutes, increasing your cat’s water intake. This silent fountain will not disturb your daily activities, movie watching or your cat’s nap. A bactericidal UVC lamp automatically switches on every 24 hours to effectively remove all bacteria and provide your cat with healthy drinking water.

      With a long battery life, ample water reservoir and automatic functions, the Agua water fountain is a worry-free choice for you, and its stylish design blends effortlessly into any interior.

      Key benefits:

      ✔ Ergonomic height
      ✔ Practical and easy to use
      ✔ Encourages cats to drink more thanks to the automatic fountain
      ✔ Long battery life of about 30-40 days
      ✔ Keeps water free of bacteria automatically
      ✔ Large capacity of 2 litres
      ✔ Very quiet, with less than 40 decibel noise level

    • Hydr filters x5

      14.95 incl. TAX

      Na een dag spelen en jagen wil je als kat lekker wat water drinken om daarna in je mand weg te dutten. De Hydr Filters zijn een mooie aanvulling op de Hydr SMART fontein en filteren alle haren, viezigheid, smaakjes en geurtjes uit het water.

      Après une journée de jeu et de chasse, les chats veulent boire un peu d’eau et roupiller dans leur panier. LesHYdrDual Filters sont un complément idéal à la fontaine Hydr SMART et filtrent tous les poils, la saleté, les goûts et les odeurs de l’eau.

    • Food bowl ring

      19.85 incl. TAX

      Discover one of our favourites: the stylish Hoopo design food bowl for cats, specially designed to encourage calm eating.

      This unique food bowl is ideal for cats that eat too quickly, as it helps to promote a calm eating pace. This prevents overstimulation and stomach pain in your beloved pet.

      Choose the Hoopo design food bowl and ensure a healthy and pleasant eating experience for your cat.


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