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    • 14.85 incl. TAX

      Interactive Cat Toy with Tapping Sound: Tail for Hours of Fun

      Let your cat enjoy the unique Tail cat toy that makes a ticking sound as soon as it is taken out of the vase. This sound stimulates your cat and lets him know it is time to play. Throw the Tail in the air or attach it to your trousers while vacuuming – cats love anything that moves!

      The Tail has been thoroughly tested by our cat test panel and, like all Hoopo products, is made of high-quality materials that guarantee long-lasting fun.

      Main benefits:

      • ✔ Approved by our expert cat test panel
      • ✔ Irresistible toy with extra-long cord for endless entertainment
      • ✔ Activates your cat by the tapping sound when removed from the vase
      • ✔ Stylish design: place the Tail as a decorative element in your interior
      • ✔ Sturdy cord for long-lasting fun and durability

      Choose the Tail cat toy with ticking sound and ensure hours of fun and a healthy, active cat.

    • Mini donuts

      7.90 incl. TAX

      **Cat toys: Mini Donuts for endless fun**

      Treat your cat to hours of fun with our *Mini Donuts cat toys*. These playful donuts come in sets of 3 and provide a crackling sensation when your cat chews or squeezes them. This makes them the perfect prey for your curious pet.

      Throw the Mini Donuts in the air for an interactive game or place them in your cat’s favourite play area to pique his curiosity. Our cat test panel has carefully tested these toys, and like all Hoopo products, they are designed to provide long-lasting fun.

      Choose *Hoopo’s Mini Donuts cat toys* and stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instincts in a fun and safe way.

    • Smash black

      7.50 incl. TAX

      Could your cat use some exercise or is it just overflowing with energy? Playing is an important instinct and basic need of the cat! The cardboard cat fishing rod SMASH is therefore the ideal toy to provide your (pet) cat with an interactive play hour.


    • Smash white

      7.50 incl. TAX

      Could your cat use some exercise or is it just overflowing with energy? Playing is an important instinct and basic need of the cat! The cardboard cat fishing rod SMASH is therefore the ideal toy to provide your (pet) cat with an interactive play hour.


    • Play robe (Little dust)

      8.00 incl. TAX

      Discover our newest addition to our handmade scratching posts: play ropes! Handcrafted by Toys by little Dust, these beautiful ropes are perfect for your curious and playful cat. Our play ropes are made from high-quality materials that stand the test of time, so your cat can play, chew and scratch time and time again.

      Our play ropes are available in different colors and patterns, so you can always find a rope that matches your taste and the style of your scratching post. These are sent randomly but feel free to mention a desired color and we will try to provide it.

      Using our play ropes allows your cat to expend its energy and keep fit and healthy. Plus, these ropes are a great way to groom your cat’s teeth and prevent them from gnawing on your furniture or other items.

      +- 50/60cm long

      Exl. mounting hardware

    • POUF

      27.00 incl. TAX

      Who dares to go for an original cat basket in the shape of a can of wet food? Because say it yourself, a cat basket like the TIN Pouf immediately gives your living room a cool look and how funny is it to see your cat lying on such a can? The only downside to these funny poufs is that your cat can’t eat out of them!

      Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 15 cm
      Removable cover washable at 30 degrees
      Color shade: rust

    • Matabi

      3.00 incl. TAX

      Silver Vine, also known as Matatabi, is an all-natural product with a stimulating effect on cats. The effect is similar to that of catnip, but more effective. The combination of Silver Vine with other natural materials make the Spot Silver Vine Cat Toys irresistible to your cat.

      Natural toys
      Irresistible due to Silver Vine
      Safe and non-toxic
      15 cm
      You will receive 1 toy per order at random

    • A Maze ing FUN

      24.95 incl. TAX

      Everyone with a cat has experienced it: you’ve just unwrapped a package and within five seconds your cat is already inside the cardboard packaging. Nice for your four-legged friend, but of course such a cardboard box in the middle of the living room does not look very stylish. The design of the MAZE cardboard cat basket allows your cat to be entertained in different ways and, in addition, it also fits seamlessly into any interior.

      Has a 3-in-1 function: foldable cardboard cat basket for sleeping, playing and scratching
      Ideal for cats that love to curl up while sleeping
      Can take 5 different shapes; something for everyone!
      Blends seamlessly with any modern interior
      Made of strong honeycomb paper
      Eco-friendly solution: can be recycled after use
      The ball is made of catnip
      Size 50 x 50 x 18 cm

    • Trunk

      67.50 incl. TAX

      Wait is this a tree trunk? Well a real imitation of our tree trunks in crab cardboard!

      Looking for scratching furniture that is also an asset to your interior? TRUNK scratching furniture is inspired by the shape of a tree trunk and proves that cat furniture does not have to detract from your interior. Your cat has the choice to scratch on the inside or outside, retreat inside or rest on top of this funny scratching furniture.

      Size: 40 x 40 x 30 cm
      Made of durable and high-quality corrugated cardboard
      Stylish addition to a traditional scratching post

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