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      Oil for suarwood

      27.95 incl. TAX

      This oil from the Cokerije is specially developed for feeding and maintaining our SUAR wooden scratching posts (not teak).

      This oil is made from purely natural ingredients and is therefore food safe, so no problem if your cat comes into contact with the product.
      Please note allow 4h drying time (dust dry) Ideally give your post 24h room rest

      Apply with a brush or cloth (microfiber)

      Where oil is easily absorbed, apply additional layer as well as any cracks accurately.

      After 30 minutes remove excess oil from surface with dry microfiber.


      *If you keep your pole outside, it is important to make sure it is protected from the weather. Even oiling your pole regularly will not help protect it from weather changes. If your pole is made of wood, then impregnating it with a water-resistant coating is essential.

      (Feel free to ask our advice)

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