• Teakwall

      450.00 incl. TAX

      The Teakwall – Refine Your Cat Paradise with Style!

      Transform your cat garden or catio with our latest addition: the Teakwall! With an impressive height of 2.05 meters and a width of 1 meter, this eyecatcher is the perfect addition to your cat’s outdoor abode. What makes this Teakwall unique is the generous teak bowl atop the spacious platform, providing your cat with even more opportunities to relax and enjoy!

      Act fast, as we have a limited stock of this magnificent product. Don’t miss this chance to get your hands on your Teakwall and provide your cat with a stylish and comfortable outdoor haven where they can fully unwind. Upgrade your cat’s life now with the Teakwall and transform your outdoor space into a lush and appealing living room for your cat!

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