water fountain

    • Hydr wireless cat fountain

      75.00 incl. TAX

      Hydr, our wireless cat water fountain: Promoting Hydration and Health

      We’ve ensured that the Hydr is a worry-free product for you, with its long battery life, large water reservoir, and automatic functions. Moreover, its stylish design seamlessly fits into any interior.

      ✔ Ergonomic height for comfortable drinking.
      ✔Flat design to prevent overstimulation of sensitive whiskers.
      ✔Practical and easy to install
      ✔Automatic renewal of water every 15 minutes
      ✔ Encourages cats to drink more.
      ✔Long battery life of approximately 14 days
      ✔Ultrasonic clean water thanks to a 4-channel filter and UVC lamp.
      ✔Spacious capacity of 1.8L .
      ✔Super quiet, less than 30 decibels
      ✔Wireless design to prevent chewing and playing


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