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Suar wood

5 beds of 30 x 35cm

Height 150 cm

Including base plate of 60 x 60cm


Each pole is modular the same construction, unique in its kind and has its own color shade.

The pole you receive is not the one shown above.



Items are always checked by us before dispatch. If there is any defect or damage upon arrival at the customer’s premises, we will assess whether this damage is due to transport or is the result of a manufacturing defect. Should you discover any damage after delivery, photos of the problem should be sent to Catznwood. Wooden furniture is usually handmade and can sometimes slightly differ from models and drawings. Wood is sensitive to large fluctuations in humidity. Despite careful drying, the wood may warp (small cracks or a little). This applies to all wooden furniture, regardless of the shop that delivers it. So take this into account if you choose this furniture. Catznwood does not guarantee this. We do not guarantee damage caused by frost in combination with moisture.


The customer cannot invoke the guarantee provisions in the following cases:

if there is any question of the wood working
If there is a question of neglect by the customer,
if the installation or assembly of the furniture has/have been carried out in an incompetent manner,
if the customer has made changes to the products or has had them made by third parties (including repairs that were not made in consultation with Catzwood)
in case of injudicious or careless use,
in case of damage caused by moisture or other external causes or calamities,
if the product is not maintained or installed in the usual, advised manner,


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