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Following the success of her first bestseller, ‘I Love Happy Cats – Guide to a Happy Cat’, Anneleen Bru is now releasing the long-awaited sequel, the ‘I Love Happy Cats Revolution’. Revealing all the secrets to understanding and changing cat behaviour through training, management and behaviour modification, this book is for the advanced cat owner and professional.

In this book, Anneleen compiles all her knowledge as a behavioural therapist into a unique model, the Cat Matrix®, a 50-step plan she developed to (re)balance cat behaviour. Using the Cat Matrix®, any unwanted behaviour in cats can be addressed in a structured way, based on scientific info and ten years of experience. The book contains a clear overview of the most common behavioural problems in cats and how to remedy them.

The revolution of happy cats started with the Manual and continues with this comprehensive and in-depth reference book for fanciers and professionals to understand and change cat behaviour forever and ever.


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