Hide and seek

17.00 incl. TAX

Petstages Wobble Pond is a cat cratcher with many extras to keep your cat entertained and occupied, based on the cat’s natural behaviour such as chasing, swatting, hitting and scratching! This cat cratcher is also infused with catnip for even more cat fun!

Includes catnip-filled fish which allows the Hide and Seek Wobble Pond to keep your cat engaged through exercises in chasing and slapping. Made as a wobbling fish bowl which makes it extra fun for your cat. Tasty scratching: Fishbowl is made of cardboard which your cat can enjoy scratching. Catnip-filled fish is the perfect size to run around with.


Infused with catnip
Combines scratching and hunting activities for maximum fun
Includes catnip-infused ball

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