Jumbo 2m.

370.00 incl. TAX

JUMBO the topper for indoor and outdoor for your big cats!

Nicer logs, large base, 2m height, width 1.20m 7 lying places, made from tropical hard suar wood

In fact, these platforms have a size of 50×55 cm, who says there are no suitable poles for Maine Coons, among others?

Each pole is modular the same construction, unique in its kind and has its own hue.

The pole you receive is not the one shown above

*More options found at Accessories: custom cushions for Jumbo with Velcro, hammocks, Loose drapaki cushions

Addon Details
Jumbo 2m. 370.00

Wood type Suar

7 extra large berths of 50 x 55cm


Each pole is modularly the same construction, unique in its kind and has its own hue.

The post you receive is not the one shown above.

Extra cushions can be ordered via tab accessories

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 60 × 120 × 200 cm


Items are always checked by us before shipment. Should there be any defect or damage upon arrival at the customer’s premises, we will assess whether the damage is due to transportation or is due to a manufacturing defect. Should you discover damage after delivery, pictures of the problem should be sent to Catznwood. This will provide an estimate of the problem so that a solution can be found for it.Wooden furniture is usually handmade and can sometimes vary slightly from models and drawings. Wood is sensitive to large fluctuations in humidity. Despite being carefully dried, wood can work (small cracks or give way slightly). This applies to all wooden furniture, regardless of the store that delivers it. So keep this in mind if you choose to buy this. Catznwood makes no warranty on this. We do not guarantee damage due to frost in combination with moisture.


The customer cannot invoke the warranty in the following cases:

If there is movement of the wood
If there is neglect by the customer,
if the installation or assembly of the furniture has/have been performed inexpertly,
if the customer has made changes to the products or has had changes made by third parties (including repairs that have not been carried out in consultation with Catzwood).
in case of injudicious or careless use,
if damaged by moisture or other external causes or perils,
if the product is not maintained or installed in the usual, recommended manner,

Drapaki Colors

Corduroy grey

Cube Grey

Cube White

Corduroy Beige Ecru

Corduroy beige S



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