• Hugo 1.50m

      280.00 incl. TAX

      ***end of November** 10 units coming, last ones for 2023

      Double trunk in Suar wood
      5 rectangular berths of 50 x 30cm
      Large thick round base
      Each pole is modularly the same construction, unique in its kind and has its own hue.
      The pole you receive is not the one shown above (there is the possibility to come and choose your pole by appointment)
      Cushions extra available in the accessories folder

    • George Jr.

      278.00 incl. TAX

      🌿 Meet George Junior, our smallest teak edition for your outdoor space!

      Expand your cat garden or catio with this adorable piece of teak wood. With 4 seating areas, you can further enhance its functionality by adding a beautiful teak bowl. Don’t forget to include the weather-resistant hemp rope along with your George Junior!

      Create a cozy and stylish space where your furry friends can relax and enjoy the fresh air. Crafted from high-quality teak wood, George Junior brings a touch of natural beauty to any environment.

      Whether your cats want to sunbathe, explore their surroundings, or simply find a comfortable spot to lounge, George Junior is the perfect addition to your cat garden or catio.

    • Babette 2.0

      250.00 incl. TAX

      BABETTE got an update this is now identical to brother baron but at 1.50m

      Nicer trunks, larger base

      Suar wood species

      5 berths of 30 x 35cm

      Height 150 cm

      Large round foot 50-55 cm ( note on request you can still choose a square foot, please mention this in your comment when ordering)

      Each pole has the same modular construction, is unique in its kind and has its own colour shade.

      The post you receive is not the one shown above.

      *Extra cushions can be ordered under accessories tab

    • Baby Babette

      215.00 incl. TAX

      **Wood scratching post for Kittens and Small Cats: Baby Babette**

      Discover the *Baby Babette wooden scratching post*, specially designed for kittens and small cats. Made of durable suar wood, this scratching post is the perfect addition to your breeding, cattery or existing Catz’n Wood products.


    • Krabpaal met rosette – Muurpaal

      214.01 incl. TAX

      Kattenboom met rozet – Wandmontage Voet 50 x 50 Frame geschilderd hout (multiplex) Rozet binnendiameter 45 cm, witte rand sisalmat, uitneembaar kussen binnenin om te wassen, Kolom 60, 80, 100, […]

    • TM-2

      210.00 incl. TAX
      • Katten ton Binnenkant diameter 40 cm
      • hoogte 60 cm
      • twee ingangen
      • bodem diameter 50 cm
    • Huis/box gemonteerd aan de muur

      209.59 incl. TAX

      Kist gemonteerd aan de muur Box met kussen (binnenin) en poef De hoezen kunt u wassen in de wasmachine tot 40 C

    • Belle 100 cm

      200.00 incl. TAX

      100% Teak wood
      Incl food safe teak oil treatment
      incl Hemp rope
      Large robust teak carries 65 cm
      Feet for extra stability

    • Houten gutten lair gemonteerd aan de muur

      199.67 incl. TAX

      Houten goot lair gemonteerd aan de muur, matras verwijderbaar voor het wassen, lengte – 70cm, breedte 45 cm, gelakt hout, het houten deel aan de muur – 36cm x 36 […]

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