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    • flip-grijs


      38.00 incl. TAX

      The Flip cat bed is the epitome of craftsmanship and luxury using high quality materials. This ultra soft cat bed provides a wonderful sleeping place for your beloved four-legged friend […]

    • Play robe (Little dust)

      12.00 incl. TAX

      Discover our newest addition to our handmade scratching posts: play ropes! Handcrafted by Toys by little Dust, these beautiful ropes are perfect for your curious and playful cat. Our play ropes are made from high-quality materials that stand the test of time, so your cat can play, chew and scratch time and time again.

      Our play ropes are available in different colors and patterns, so you can always find a rope that matches your taste and the style of your scratching post. These are sent randomly but feel free to mention a desired color and we will try to provide it.

      Using our play ropes allows your cat to expend its energy and keep fit and healthy. Plus, these ropes are a great way to groom your cat’s teeth and prevent them from gnawing on your furniture or other items.

      +- 50/60cm long

      Exl. mounting hardware

    • My book

      16.50 incl. TAX


      Interieurliefhebbers opgelet want dit nieuwe krab item wil je hebben! Functionaliteit en decoratie komt helemaal samen in het nieuwe krabspeelgoed CATERIOR, MASTERPIECE, DIARY. Het ontwerp verklapt het al, de buitenkant lijkt sprekend op een decoratief (koffietafel) boek voor in je interieur maar niets is wat het lijkt, de binnenkant heeft namelijk een aangename verrassing voor jouw kat!

      • Verkrijgbaar in drie kleuren: zwart, wit/goud en beige
      • Afmetingen: 36 x 25 x 6 cm
    • Sofa

      30.00 incl. TAX

      Nothing is better than this SOFA for your cat to enjoy his sleep but also play moments! The SOFA provides the perfect place for nail sharpening, naps or adventurous climbing. Flipping the SOFA over after a certain amount of time easily doubles its lifespan.

      Cardboard is a favorite with cats

      86 cm

    • A Maze ing FUN

      24.95 incl. TAX

      Everyone with a cat has experienced it: you’ve just unwrapped a package and within five seconds your cat is already inside the cardboard packaging. Nice for your four-legged friend, but of course such a cardboard box in the middle of the living room does not look very stylish. The design of the MAZE cardboard cat basket allows your cat to be entertained in different ways and, in addition, it also fits seamlessly into any interior.

      Has a 3-in-1 function: foldable cardboard cat basket for sleeping, playing and scratching
      Ideal for cats that love to curl up while sleeping
      Can take 5 different shapes; something for everyone!
      Blends seamlessly with any modern interior
      Made of strong honeycomb paper
      Eco-friendly solution: can be recycled after use
      The ball is made of catnip
      Size 50 x 50 x 18 cm

    • Hydr wireless cat fountain

      75.00 incl. TAX

      Hydr, our wireless cat water fountain: Promoting Hydration and Health

      We’ve ensured that the Hydr is a worry-free product for you, with its long battery life, large water reservoir, and automatic functions. Moreover, its stylish design seamlessly fits into any interior.

      ✔ Ergonomic height for comfortable drinking.
      ✔Flat design to prevent overstimulation of sensitive whiskers.
      ✔Practical and easy to install
      ✔Automatic renewal of water every 15 minutes
      ✔ Encourages cats to drink more.
      ✔Long battery life of approximately 14 days
      ✔Ultrasonic clean water thanks to a 4-channel filter and UVC lamp.
      ✔Spacious capacity of 1.8L .
      ✔Super quiet, less than 30 decibels
      ✔Wireless design to prevent chewing and playing


    • Hydr filters x5

      14.95 incl. TAX

      Na een dag spelen en jagen wil je als kat lekker wat water drinken om daarna in je mand weg te dutten. De Hydr Filters zijn een mooie aanvulling op de Hydr SMART fontein en filteren alle haren, viezigheid, smaakjes en geurtjes uit het water.

      Après une journée de jeu et de chasse, les chats veulent boire un peu d’eau et roupiller dans leur panier. LesHYdrDual Filters sont un complément idéal à la fontaine Hydr SMART et filtrent tous les poils, la saleté, les goûts et les odeurs de l’eau.

    • 14.85 incl. TAX

      Interactive Cat Toy with Tapping Sound: Tail for Hours of Fun

      Let your cat enjoy the unique Tail cat toy that makes a ticking sound as soon as it is taken out of the vase. This sound stimulates your cat and lets him know it is time to play. Throw the Tail in the air or attach it to your trousers while vacuuming – cats love anything that moves!

      The Tail has been thoroughly tested by our cat test panel and, like all Hoopo products, is made of high-quality materials that guarantee long-lasting fun.

      Main benefits:

      • ✔ Approved by our expert cat test panel
      • ✔ Irresistible toy with extra-long cord for endless entertainment
      • ✔ Activates your cat by the tapping sound when removed from the vase
      • ✔ Stylish design: place the Tail as a decorative element in your interior
      • ✔ Sturdy cord for long-lasting fun and durability

      Choose the Tail cat toy with ticking sound and ensure hours of fun and a healthy, active cat.

    • Dome

      144.00 incl. TAX

      The *Dome litter box* combines beautiful design with functionality, matching any interior style and appealing to both cats and their owners.

      Made of durable plastic and with a modern design, the Dome litter box is not only stylish but also extremely practical. There is no need to hide the litter box, as its elegant design makes it complement any room. Easy to clean and with an internal drip tray to prevent cat litter from spreading.

      **Main benefits:**

      * ✔ Practical and easy to clean
      * ✔ Prevents cat grit on the floor
      * ✔ Stylish addition to your interiors
      * ✔ Easy access for your cat
      * ✔ Environmentally friendly, made of 100% recycled ABS

      **Is the Dome suitable for my cat?

      The Dome litter tray is ideal for small to medium-sized cats.

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