Treat playtower

12.00 incl. TAX

Improve your cat’s play and snack time with our Treat Play Tower!

Space for snacks to hide

Disco ball

3 levels

Discover the **Treat Play Tower**: an innovative, multi-level cat toy that offers the perfect mix of fun and rewards for your favorite housemate.

Key Features:

* **Various Entertainment with Three Levels**: The Treat Play Tower features three exciting levels, each designed to keep your cat busy for hours. From hunting for hidden treats to following a fascinating light show, this tower has it all * **Securities Full of Treats**: Two of the levels contain an ingeniously designed ball with compartments for snacks. Fill them with your cat’s favorite treats and watch your cat do his best to get them out, stimulating his natural hunting instincts * **Light Ball with Disco Effect**: A brilliant touch to the play experience, the third level includes a disco light ball that rolls through the tower, capturing and keeping your cat’s attention. This visual stimulation encourages more play behavior and contributes to daily exercise * **Stimulating and Challenging**: The Treat Play Tower is designed to not only provide entertainment but also support your cat’s mental and physical health. It helps keep their hunting skills sharp and promotes exercise * **Sustainable Construction**: Made from safe, high-quality materials, our play tower guarantees durability and long-lasting fun, while being easy to clean after lazy or wild adventures.

Instructions for Use:

Fill the snack-sized balls with treats, activate the disco light ball if needed, and place the tower on the floor in front of your cat. Then watch the adventure begin! The Treat Play Tower is designed to encourage independent play, but it’s always fun to have interactive play sessions with your cat and share their joy.

Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 15 cm

Drapaki Colors

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